Our print and digital magazines provide the latest, most important diversity news, covering virtually every industry, business, educational institution and profession. This includes up-to-date statistics on workforce diversity as well as business-to-business trends. Our publications offer recruitment, educational and business opportunities, along with accurate, timely conferences and event calendars and, just as important, we spotlight inspiring role models and notable mentors.


Print Magazine

Quarterly Publications

U.S. Veterans Magazine 1 Year $18.00 2 Year $34.00 Single $4.50

Tri-Annual Publications

Black EOE Journal 1 Year $16.00 2 Year $30.00 Single $4.50
Hispanic Network Magazine 1 Year $16.00 2 Year $30.00 Single $4.50

Bi-Annual Publications

Professional Woman’s Magazine 2 Year $18.00 Single $4.50
Diversity in STEAM Magazine 2 Year $25.00 Single $6.95
DIVERSEability Magazine 2 Year $18.00 Single $4.50

Digital Magazines

Available on the DiversityComm APP includes; Black EOE Journal, HISPANIC Network Magazine, Professional WOMAN’S Magazine, Diversity in STEAM Magazine and DIVERSEability Magazine - $11.99

U.S. Veterans Magazine is available on the U.S. Veterans Magazine APP - $11.99


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